EZMS Onboarding – Reputation Management

EZMS Onboarding – Reputation Management


In today’s digital world, your online reputation is pivotal. Google reviews act as a primary ranking factor when it comes to search results. This guide delves into a feature that helps manage and amplify your reputation — Reputation Management.

Importance of Google Reviews

  • Visibility: The more five-star reviews your business has, the higher you rank on Google.
  • Trust Factor: Real-time reviews build trust among potential customers.
  • Beating Competitors: Many businesses still don’t capitalize on Google reviews, giving you an edge if you do.

Reputation Management Feature Overview

This feature enables:

  1. Prompting for Reviews: Ask your customers for reviews seamlessly.
  2. Automation: If you use Sales or Marketing Center, automate review requests.
  3. Gamification: Set review goals and monitor progress.

How to Request Reviews:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Reputation’ section.
  2. Click on ‘Send Review Request’.
  3. Choose the customer’s name, and select whether you want to send the request via phone or email.

Promote Your Reviews:

  1. Capture reviews directly from Google and embed them on your website using the widget provided.
  2. Genuine reviews provide authenticity over static testimonials.

Batch Review Requests:

  1. Navigate to ‘Contacts’.
  2. Select all contacts you wish to ask for a review.
  3. Click on the star icon and select ‘Send Review Requests’.

Automation & Integration

For higher-tier users, this feature can be integrated with your point of sale system. After a customer makes a purchase, set a timer for when they should receive the review request, making it a hands-off process.


Reputation Management isn’t just a feature; it’s an essential tool for any business hoping to thrive in the digital age. The more positive reviews you amass, the more visible and trustworthy your business becomes. With this guide, maximize your potential and see your business climb the Google ranks!

For further assistance, reach out to our support team. See you in our next feature walkthrough!

EZMS Onboarding – Text to pay

EZMS Onboarding – Text to pay


Hello and welcome back! In this guide, we’re diving deep into our last, yet vital feature – Text to Pay. A feature that brings ease to payments and is sure to revolutionize how you manage transactions.

Why Text to Pay?

  • Convenience: If you’ve set up Stripe as initially suggested, this is the ideal way to request swift payments.
  • Integrated: A feature rooted in Stripe but intricately woven into our system.
  • Quick Payments: Directly request payment through text messages.

How to Use Text to Pay

  1. Accessing the Feature: Navigate to the messaging interface.
  2. Requesting Payment: Click on the option to request a payment or Text to Pay.
  3. Invoice Details: Fill in the product/service details, invoice number, and set an expiration date for the payment link.
  4. Generate & Send: Once all details are filled in, generate the payment link and send it to your client or customer.


  • Direct Linking: Customers receive a direct link to Stripe to process the payment.
  • All in One: Functions similar to popular payment apps but with a business angle.
  • Integrated Payments: Ties seamlessly into your bookkeeping system.

Bonus Feature – Full Invoicing Solution

Although the focus is on Text to Pay, our platform offers a comprehensive invoicing solution:

  1. Access Invoicing: Navigate to ‘Payments’ to access the full suite of invoicing tools.
  2. Feature-Rich: Set up one-time or recurring invoices for your customers.
  3. For Advanced Users: Full invoicing is available in the sales center.


Text to Pay is a prime example of simplicity and functionality combined. Not only does it simplify payments, but it also integrates perfectly with other financial tools. But remember, tools only shine when used strategically.

For assistance in leveraging the full potential of the tools or advice on marketing strategy, reach out to our dedicated team at supported eztransition.com. We’re here to help you elevate your business each month.

Looking forward to seeing you advance and prosper. Until next time!

EZMS Onboarding – Google My Business Chat

EZMS Onboarding – Google My Business Chat


Welcome to another feature exploration of the Communication Center. This segment dives into the integration capability with Google My Business Chat.

Importance of Google My Business

As emphasized in our initial video, Google My Business (also known as Google business profile) stands as a paramount tool for lead collection. When potential clients search for businesses by type or location, Google My Business listings are typically what they first encounter. In the subsequent section, we’ll delve into how reviews can significantly bolster your ranking on Google My Business. It’s worth noting that some services exclusively offer Google My Business optimization at costs exceeding our entire service package, underscoring its significance.

Google My Business Chat Feature

There exists a lesser-known feature in Google My Business – the Chat option. While users might often overlook this feature, it’s a powerful tool to directly communicate with potential clients. Where most business owners falter is by not responding promptly, often due to notifications going to their Google Map business app. With our universal inbox and consolidated messaging feature, these chat notifications are directly funneled to your primary inbox.

Setting It Up:

  1. Launchpad Integration:
    • Navigate to the launchpad and select ‘Google My Business’.
    • Connect your account. (For this demonstration, we used a fictional business without a Google Map business listing. However, in a real-world scenario, select your associated Google account.)
  2. Integrations in Settings:
    • Go to ‘Settings’ and find ‘Integrations’.
    • Though our demo lacks this due to its fictional nature, you’ll notice the Google My Business option.
    • Directly from here, enable the Google My Business chat, bypassing the need to go to Google My Business.
  3. Client-Side View:
    • Post integration, clients searching for your business will observe a chat button on their end.
    • They have the options to call or chat, and with the integration, you can respond promptly.


By leveraging this feature, you’re extending more communication avenues to your clients without complicating the communication process on your end. The beauty lies in its simplicity: irrespective of the platform they use to reach out, their message lands in your consolidated inbox.


While Google My Business Chat might be underutilized, for those who harness it, it represents another channel to drive business. As a small enterprise, amassing leads is crucial, and this integration ensures you never miss an opportunity.

For further queries or assistance, reach out to our support team at EZtransition.

EZMS Onboarding – Consolidated messaging

EZMS Onboarding – Consolidated messaging


As communication channels diversify, small businesses often find themselves juggling multiple tools, risking missed messages and potential leads. The solution? A single platform to consolidate all messaging. This guide introduces you to the Consolidated Messaging feature and its benefits.

1. Why Consolidated Messaging?

  • Problem:
    • Multiple communication tools can lead to missed interactions. For instance, you might miss a Facebook message until a week later.
    • Juggling different platforms can be inefficient and can lead to a lack of coherence in responses.
  • Solution:
    • The Consolidated Messaging feature centralizes all your communications.
    • Everything from text messages, emails, to social media messages, are accessible in one unified inbox.

2. Using the Conversation Inbox

  • Navigation: The main hub for all your messages is the “Conversations” section.
  • Message Management:
    • Messages are categorized as “unread” or “recent.”
    • For efficient management, ensure the “unread” section is regularly cleared to achieve an “inbox zero” status.

3. Integrated Communication Channels

  • Current integrations include:
    • Text
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Google My Business
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Reviews (including Google reviews)
  • Future integrations:
    • Plans are in motion to integrate additional platforms like WhatsApp.

4. Benefits of Consolidated Messaging

  • Unified Communications: No more switching between apps or platforms.
  • Customer-Centric: Respond to customers on the platform they reached out on, offering them a seamless experience.
  • Flexibility: Access your consolidated messages via your browser or your phone, ensuring you’re always connected.

5. Upgraded Features

For businesses seeking more functionality:

  • Upgrading to higher tiers like the “Marketing Center” or “Sales Center” unlocks automation features.
  • Automations can tag users, send automated responses, offer free gifts, and more based on incoming messages.

Conclusion and Support

Consolidated Messaging not only simplifies communications but also ensures that you’re always connected to your customers, regardless of the platform they choose. For any queries or support needs, please reach out to our dedicated team at [email protected].

Stay Connected!

EZMS Onboarding – Communication Center Web chat widget

EZMS Onboarding – Communication Center Web chat widget


In today’s digital landscape, businesses need efficient tools to interact seamlessly with their customers. The web chat widget is a ubiquitous feature seen on many websites. However, there’s a significant limitation in most conventional widgets: customers must remain on the website for real-time communication. As small business owners juggle multiple responsibilities, real-time response becomes challenging. Our solution offers a unique approach to this problem.

1. The Unique Web Chat Widget Approach

  • Traditional Limitations:
    • The conventional widgets require both parties to be present in real time.
    • Small business owners often find it difficult to respond immediately.
  • Our Widget’s Advantage:
    • Our widget does more than just look like a chat. When users input their details, the information is collected rather than initiating a live chat.
    • It captures the user’s name, phone number, email, and message.
    • Instead of relying on real-time website chat, users receive responses directly to their cell phones, promoting increased interaction.

2. Setting Up The Web Chat Widget

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Accessing the Launch Pad: Head to your settings and navigate to the launch pad. The widget settings are not located in the general settings but specifically on the launch pad.
  2. Website Integration:
    • Click on the web chat widget option.
    • Input your website URL.
  3. WordPress Users:
    • Our platform has a specific plugin for WordPress users. If your site runs on WordPress, you’ll be prompted to install the plugin.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions for a smooth installation.
  4. Other CMS Users:
    • If you utilize another Content Management System (CMS) like Shopify or Squarespace, there are distinct pathways to integrate the widget. The system will provide the appropriate steps based on your CMS.
  5. Customizing the Widget:
    • Once installed, you can choose the color, theme, and other visual aspects of the widget to align with your website’s aesthetics.

3. Communication Flow

  • When a user interacts with the widget, their details are captured.
  • You will receive the message in your conversations.
  • Respond to users directly at your convenience. Responses are relayed to the user’s cell phone, ensuring they don’t have to wait on the website.

Conclusion and Support

The Web Chat Widget to SMS offers a refreshing way to bridge the communication gap, ensuring you never miss a potential lead while also providing users with an efficient communication method. Its design keeps in mind the busy schedules of small business owners, ensuring no compromise on customer interactions.

Should you encounter any issues during the setup or have further queries, please reach out to our support team at [email protected]. Our dedicated team is always here to assist you in real time.

Happy Communicating!