Hello and welcome back! In this guide, we’re diving deep into our last, yet vital feature – Text to Pay. A feature that brings ease to payments and is sure to revolutionize how you manage transactions.

Why Text to Pay?

  • Convenience: If you’ve set up Stripe as initially suggested, this is the ideal way to request swift payments.
  • Integrated: A feature rooted in Stripe but intricately woven into our system.
  • Quick Payments: Directly request payment through text messages.

How to Use Text to Pay

  1. Accessing the Feature: Navigate to the messaging interface.
  2. Requesting Payment: Click on the option to request a payment or Text to Pay.
  3. Invoice Details: Fill in the product/service details, invoice number, and set an expiration date for the payment link.
  4. Generate & Send: Once all details are filled in, generate the payment link and send it to your client or customer.


  • Direct Linking: Customers receive a direct link to Stripe to process the payment.
  • All in One: Functions similar to popular payment apps but with a business angle.
  • Integrated Payments: Ties seamlessly into your bookkeeping system.

Bonus Feature – Full Invoicing Solution

Although the focus is on Text to Pay, our platform offers a comprehensive invoicing solution:

  1. Access Invoicing: Navigate to ‘Payments’ to access the full suite of invoicing tools.
  2. Feature-Rich: Set up one-time or recurring invoices for your customers.
  3. For Advanced Users: Full invoicing is available in the sales center.


Text to Pay is a prime example of simplicity and functionality combined. Not only does it simplify payments, but it also integrates perfectly with other financial tools. But remember, tools only shine when used strategically.

For assistance in leveraging the full potential of the tools or advice on marketing strategy, reach out to our dedicated team at supported eztransition.com. We’re here to help you elevate your business each month.

Looking forward to seeing you advance and prosper. Until next time!