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How to Choose the Best Domain Name for Your Website

Choosing a domain name for your businesses website is the very first step in ensuring that your online business venture is a successful one. Not only will it assist in ranking your website in Google, Yahoo, and Bing search results through SEO, but it will also be your...

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How to Add FaceBook Messenger chat to your WordPress website

We live in a real-time world and sometimes your customers just need a quick answer. There is no better tool to answer quick questions than a live chat widget on your website. There are many paid options for live chat, but Facebook provides a pretty good if not one of the best options for free. Its Facebook messenger and the good news is that your clients are probably already using it.

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Exciting news from EZtransition

Exciting news! After over a decade of providing high-quality web services, EZtransition is simplifying our offerings in order to focus on small and medium businesses. Digital technology has changed rapidly over the years. We've seen the rise of mobile, social, smart...

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