Communication Center

Simplify your business’s communication channels with one easy to use system. Each of these features will either save you time or money or help you sell.

Missed-Call handling

62% of calls to small businesses go unanswered. Business owners and staff are too busy multitasking to always to answer the phone. Unanswered calls lead to a frustrating customer experience and can be a hidden source of lost revenue. The EZ Communication Center provides a simple solution to this problem. The next time your business misses a call, the caller will automatically get a text message from your business apologizing for the missed call and an offer to help. Now you can continue to engage the caller via text.

Webchat Widget to SMS

Web chat has not been ideal for small businesses. You need a dedicated support person to monitor the conversation. Your customer can also navigate away from the website mid-conversation. The EZ Communications Center webchat widget takes the conversation to the customer’s text message so you can engage with them anytime.

AI Powered Customer Service Assistant

Just give EZ AI a few common questions your customers ask, and watch it handle all their queries, just like a team of friendly customer service pros. Your AI Assistant is always on duty, 24/7, ready to book appointments, answer questions, and even help boost your sales. It’s super easy to use and works everywhere – on your website chat, text messages, Facebook, Instagram, Google Business chat, and more. Think of it as your helpful, tireless assistant, always there to make your business life easier!

Consolidated Messaging, Universal inbox

Access all your business leads, conversations, contacts, and reviews in one place. SMS, Email, Phone, Google My Business Chat, Reviews, Instagram, Facebook, and more. It’s all here.

Google My Business Chat

Google My Business is the #1 place where customers find you. The EZ Communication Center will activate and integrate Google my business chat and let you speak with potential customers exactly where they are searching for you.

Automate Reputation Management

Great google reviews are crucial for any small business’s growth. The secret to getting more 5-star reviews on google is to ask at the right time and make it easy for the customer to respond. EZ Communication Center has both of these problems solved.

Text to Pay

Collecting money from customers in one click from your EZ Communications Center. With one click, your customers can get an invoice via text. Getting paid has never been easier.

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