Welcome to another feature exploration of the Communication Center. This segment dives into the integration capability with Google My Business Chat.

Importance of Google My Business

As emphasized in our initial video, Google My Business (also known as Google business profile) stands as a paramount tool for lead collection. When potential clients search for businesses by type or location, Google My Business listings are typically what they first encounter. In the subsequent section, we’ll delve into how reviews can significantly bolster your ranking on Google My Business. It’s worth noting that some services exclusively offer Google My Business optimization at costs exceeding our entire service package, underscoring its significance.

Google My Business Chat Feature

There exists a lesser-known feature in Google My Business – the Chat option. While users might often overlook this feature, it’s a powerful tool to directly communicate with potential clients. Where most business owners falter is by not responding promptly, often due to notifications going to their Google Map business app. With our universal inbox and consolidated messaging feature, these chat notifications are directly funneled to your primary inbox.

Setting It Up:

  1. Launchpad Integration:
    • Navigate to the launchpad and select ‘Google My Business’.
    • Connect your account. (For this demonstration, we used a fictional business without a Google Map business listing. However, in a real-world scenario, select your associated Google account.)
  2. Integrations in Settings:
    • Go to ‘Settings’ and find ‘Integrations’.
    • Though our demo lacks this due to its fictional nature, you’ll notice the Google My Business option.
    • Directly from here, enable the Google My Business chat, bypassing the need to go to Google My Business.
  3. Client-Side View:
    • Post integration, clients searching for your business will observe a chat button on their end.
    • They have the options to call or chat, and with the integration, you can respond promptly.


By leveraging this feature, you’re extending more communication avenues to your clients without complicating the communication process on your end. The beauty lies in its simplicity: irrespective of the platform they use to reach out, their message lands in your consolidated inbox.


While Google My Business Chat might be underutilized, for those who harness it, it represents another channel to drive business. As a small enterprise, amassing leads is crucial, and this integration ensures you never miss an opportunity.

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