In today’s digital world, your online reputation is pivotal. Google reviews act as a primary ranking factor when it comes to search results. This guide delves into a feature that helps manage and amplify your reputation — Reputation Management.

Importance of Google Reviews

  • Visibility: The more five-star reviews your business has, the higher you rank on Google.
  • Trust Factor: Real-time reviews build trust among potential customers.
  • Beating Competitors: Many businesses still don’t capitalize on Google reviews, giving you an edge if you do.

Reputation Management Feature Overview

This feature enables:

  1. Prompting for Reviews: Ask your customers for reviews seamlessly.
  2. Automation: If you use Sales or Marketing Center, automate review requests.
  3. Gamification: Set review goals and monitor progress.

How to Request Reviews:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Reputation’ section.
  2. Click on ‘Send Review Request’.
  3. Choose the customer’s name, and select whether you want to send the request via phone or email.

Promote Your Reviews:

  1. Capture reviews directly from Google and embed them on your website using the widget provided.
  2. Genuine reviews provide authenticity over static testimonials.

Batch Review Requests:

  1. Navigate to ‘Contacts’.
  2. Select all contacts you wish to ask for a review.
  3. Click on the star icon and select ‘Send Review Requests’.

Automation & Integration

For higher-tier users, this feature can be integrated with your point of sale system. After a customer makes a purchase, set a timer for when they should receive the review request, making it a hands-off process.


Reputation Management isn’t just a feature; it’s an essential tool for any business hoping to thrive in the digital age. The more positive reviews you amass, the more visible and trustworthy your business becomes. With this guide, maximize your potential and see your business climb the Google ranks!

For further assistance, reach out to our support team. See you in our next feature walkthrough!