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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Simply visit our store and select the services and addons you need. If you need help choosing the right plan or just have more questions don’t hesitate to contact us

How long will it take to complete my new web design?

With proper back and forth communication it should take no more than one to two weeks. However, each case is different and there may be reasons why your site is delayed. In any case we will make every attempt to ensure any blockers are removed from our side

Do I need to register my domain name with you?

You certainly can register your domain with EZtransition. In fact, we highly recommend it to streamline the process. However, if you have an existing registrar that you do not wish to part with, we can work with them as well. 

What if I already have a hosting company?

Our managed cloud hosting is among the top choices for small businesses. It is part of our EZ Web™ Service. If you require that we develop on your server we will need to produce a custom quote. 


Do I have to pay every month?

Yes, EZ-Web is considered an ongoing service. We’re essentially providing you world-class hosting, website support, and maintenance and throwing in a free professionally designed custom website. That means you save hundreds or thousands of dollars of upfront fees and get a serves from a trusted brand in the industry.  Not a bad deal. 

Can you make me a logo?

Yes, we can, but logo design is an art form and it is not included in the EZ-web plan. If you have no logo we can make you a simple text version for free or we can bill separately for a custom-designed logo. 

How do I make changes after my website is done?

Feel free, it is your website after all. Not only do we give you complete access, but we also make resources available on EZtransition University to help you be confident to make updates to your site. Having said this, you are also free to send us a ticket and we’ll make any changes for you and let you go back to focusing on your business. 

What if I need more pages after the site is done?

Additional pages and any work not covered under EZ-Web™ is billed at $1.70 per minute. An extra page design may typically cost about $100 one time.  

What if I need to pause my payments?

We understand that these things happen, we ask that you give us a call to make payment arrangements before the bill is due. If you do not contact us the service will automatically go into a suspended mode if a payment is missed. It will automatically be reinstated when payments are up to date again. An account that is suspended for an extended period of time is maybe terminated if we cannot communicate with the client. 

What happens if I stop making payments?

If you choose the stop making payments your account will be automatically suspended until the payments are up to date. If for some reason you need to terminate the account send us an email requesting termination, otherwise our system will continue to try to bill you.