Sales Center

Every business has a sales journey which is a set of steps a prospect takes before becoming an actual customer. Savvy small businesses design this journey to make it easy for their prospects. EZMS Sales Center not only helps you design this process, but it provides every tool you need to make the journey a joy.

Customer Relationship Management

EZMS Sales Center gives you one place to manage all your customers, leads, and prospects. The key to successful sales and upsells is to track, manage and enrich all data about a user in one place. Organize the data and take informed action to boost sales.


Book more appointments with EZMS Calendar. Whether you have a team of 1 or 1000, our appointment booking solution integrates with all facets of the EZMS software to help you fill your calendar and close more deals.

Enhance Your Business Operations with Advanced Contracts and Proposals

Transform how you manage legal documents and elevate your business efficiency with our innovative contracts and proposals feature. EZMS provides a solution that streamlines your workflow, impresses your clients, and secures your deals faster. Now you can focus on what truly matters—growing the business and enhancing client relationships, all while saving time and reducing the need for external document management systems. 

Sales Automation

EZMS Sales Center’s sales automation platform helps you streamline and optimize your sales process, saving you time and resources while increasing efficiency and effectiveness. The platform is the perfect solution for growing your business with customizable triggers and actions, advanced analysis, and seamless integration with your sales campaigns.

Power Dialer

The Sales Center Power Dialer makes contacting and engaging with potential customers easy. With our power dialer, you can automatically dial through a list of contacts, leave voicemails, and schedule follow-up calls, all with just a few clicks. Plus, our power dialer integrates seamlessly with the rest of our platform so that you can manage your customer interactions in one place.

SMS & Email Snippets

Build repeatable systems for yourself and your team. With SMS and Email snippets, you can quickly and consistently respond to customers with little chance of errors or confusion. Give your entire team the voice of your brand.

Opportunities & Pipelines

Opportunities and pipelines let you track every stage of the sales journey. Opportunity stages allow for a quick visual of where your customers are in the sales process and are an excellent trigger to kick off helpful automation. EZMS Sales Center gives valuable insights into your sales data. It allows you to make more informed decisions about how to grow your business.

Payments and Invoices

Streamline your sales process by sending invoices and receiving payments directly from Sales Center. Track payment status, manage accounts receivable, and accept subscription payments.


View a variety of reports all from the Sales Center, including calls, SMS, emails, and conversions

Messaging credit

Get massive extra credit boosts for Phone calls, SMS, and Bulk emails when upgrading to Sales Center. Sales Center comes with everything a small business needs to dominate its market.

Also includes everything in Communication center

Simplify your business’s communication channels with one easy to use system. Each of these features will either save you time or money or help you sell.

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