Why Your Small Business Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website

Why Your Small Business Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website

A mobile-friendly website is much more than a nice addition to your business’ assets: it’s essential. On average, American adults use the internet on mobile devices for around three and a half hours per day.  If they come to your website and it’s a desktop website crammed onto their phone screen, they’re not going to have a good experience. This has knock-on effects that can affect your entire business. This guide will look at why a mobile-friendly website is key to your mobile marketing strategy. Ready to learn more? Let’s get started!

1. A Mobile-Friendly Website Improves the User Experience

How does it make you feel when you go to a website and are instantly confronted by bad web design? It probably annoys you, right? Well, that’s what happens to mobile users when they visit a site that isn’t designed for use on small screens. A desktop website that’s been crushed down to fit a smartphone or tablet screen will require a lot of zooming to use any of its buttons. Why would you stay on this website when you could go to a better one that’s been designed to work on smartphones? You wouldn’t, and you probably wouldn’t have too many kind words to say about the website either. Having a website that’s designed for mobile use will give your visitors a far better experience and make them think better of your company, too.

2. It’s Great for SEO

When people come to your website and leave immediately, that’s terrible for your SEO. If you want to rank well in the search results, you need to have a mobile website that will make people stick around on your website. There’s a simple reason for this. One of Google’s key metrics, when it comes to ranking search results, is bounce rate. To work this out, Google looks at what fraction of your visitors leave your site without visiting any other pages: if it’s high, your website will rank lower in the search results. Google wants to offer its users the best internet experience possible, which means serving up the best websites. A high bounce rate indicates a bad website.

3. You Need One to Compete With Other Companies

Here’s the thing: many of your competitors will already have a mobile website and will be reaping the benefits that come with that, including a lower bounce rate and a better user experience. If you want to compete with other businesses in your industry, you need to offer one. If you don’t, anyone who’s browsing the internet on their phone or tablet is likely to go to a competitor instead of you. Don’t hand them this advantage.

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You Need a Mobile Website

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at why you need a mobile-friendly website. If you’d like to improve your SEO and boost your marketing, we can help you! For more information, please take a look around our site or contact us today!

It’s All About Timing: A Quick Guide on When to Schedule Social Media Posts

It’s All About Timing: A Quick Guide on When to Schedule Social Media Posts

1/3 of the human population uses social media. 

Social media is great for keeping up with your long-distance friends and sharing memories with your family. It’s also a great way to introduce yourself to the world. Are you trying to put your business out into the world too? Regularly posting on company social media accounts is a great start. You’ll find more information below on the importance of consistent social media posts. We’ll even give you a few pointers on when to post your content.

Scheduled Posting Builds Trust

Imagine if the person delivering your mail never informed you of when they plan to deliver your mail. It would be an infuriating guessing game.  That’s how followers feel when their favorite celebrities and companies don’t stick to a strict social media posting schedule. Delivering consistent content creates trust in your brand and mission. This trust results in greater investments in your products and services.  Your followers will look forward to your scheduled posts, and new followers will be intrigued. Don’t forget to provide your company website in your bio!

Consistent Posting Encourages Creativity

With the number of social media platforms available, your marketing team has endless creative freedom. Mixing up how and what you post keeps things exciting for your audience. Use daily Instagram stories to show off the benefits of your services. Create bi-weekly posts on Facebook to promote hot-selling products. Every Friday, make a YouTube video highlighting a customer testimonial. Do you see how many creative opportunities come along with consistent posting? Your followers will have a blast following along with all the new social media post ideas. 

Regular Engagement Builds Bonds With Your Customers

As you continue to regularly post to social media, you’ll notice an emerging group of loyal customers. Regularly engage with these customers by responding to reviews or answering questions. Your company will have a deeper understanding of your audience’s needs due to greater engagement. You’ll discover what they love, what they want more of, and what they could do without.  Don’t forget to thank consistent commenters for their loyalty, and personally address any negative feedback.

Wait, When Should You Post?

While there are no set magical equations for consistent social media engagement posts, there are key times to post on each platform.

  • Instagram: Post around lunchtime on the weekdays.
  • Facebook: Post at the beginning of the workday.
  • Twitter: Post earlier in the morning or in the late afternoon.
  • TikTok: Post either early in the morning or around dinner time. 
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Social Media Posts: Why You Should Create Consistent Content

Creating social media posts is exciting with all of the features each app provides. Make a silly TikTok dance video, or create a serious Facebook ad. No matter what, keep it consistent. Scheduled posts on social media build stronger bonds and trust between you and your followers. Because there are so many content creation options, your marketing team and audience will never become tired of your company’s posts. Do you need a bit of help in the social media management department? We can help with that- along with SEO and Google advertising. Schedule a consultation today to start growing your business. 

Basic Digital Marketing Services to Help Your Business Grow

Basic Digital Marketing Services to Help Your Business Grow

Want to grow your business organically? Well, you might want to consider some help from digital marketing services with these basic concepts.

When you hire an agency for digital marketing services, you’ll gain the benefit of their expertise. You’ll also gain access to operations that are tailor-made to help your business grow. 

Keep reading to learn how a digital marketing agency can assist your business practices in these fast-paced, digital times.

Search Engine Optimization 

There is a reason search engine optimization (SEO) is at the top of every agency’s list of services. It’s essential to ensure that your business shows up on search engine results pages. Therefore, SEO should drive all of your online marketing strategies.

An agency can optimize your content so that potential customers can discover it more efficiently. Then, you’ll stand out against your competitors because customers will see your product first.

Email Marketing

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Email is an older tactic, but it’s certainly not dead. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate leads for your business.

Building, managing, and segmenting an email contact list is complicated and time-consuming. However, it’s an essential targeted marketing piece. A full-service digital marketing agency has the experience and tools to handle these aspects easily. They’ll help you set up more effective email campaigns. 

Content Marketing

Storytelling is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness. With the right content, you can establish your company as capable of satisfying buyers’ needs. You’ll also build a winning reputation with potential clients. 

The best strategies aim to answer questions that your audience might have about your products or services.

The main focus of your brand’s content marketing strategy should be providing value. This should be done without blatantly offering your business as a solution to their problems. Therefore, you can win loyal customers without direct advertising methods.


Another effective marketing strategy that an agency can assist with is retargeting. This strategy allows you to reengage with individuals who have visited your website and left without making a purchase. 

Retargeting is an excellent way to remind potential customers about your products. When someone visits your website, you can attach a pixel to their device. This pixel prompts a retargeting provider to show your advertisement. However, it’s shown while the person is browsing elsewhere. Doing so can lure them back to your website to spend some money finally. 

Website Strategy

An effective website acts as an online shop window for your business. Building and managing your website ineffectively can potentially damage your online credibility. And this will undermine all of your marketing efforts. 

The goal of your website is to encourage sales. You can employ specific marketing strategies to increase website traffic and ensure that it’s working to your benefit. The right digital marketing services company can help seamlessly guide your customers to purchasing your products and services. 

Reap the Benefits of Digital Marketing Services 

You can reap the benefits of effective digital marketing services with the above strategies.

Work with an expert to craft solutions for your industry and target market so you can scale your business more effectively. Book your free consultation today!

How To Respond To Online Reviews

How To Respond To Online Reviews

As an online business, review management is one of the most effective marketing tools that you have at your disposal. Consequently, responding to your reviews can help you to solidify your online presence as well, avoiding reputation threats that may affect you.

Taking some time to respond to your online reviews gives you the chance to share positive experiences with your brand. Additionally, you can let everyone know that you care about your customers and are constantly looking to improve your business.

Reputation management also helps you monitor conversations and shape the public’s perceptions of your brand, giving you a competitive advantage over other businesses.

Responding to online reviews is very easy with EZtransition’s reputation management tool. Thus, we have created a short video that shows you how to respond to business reviews.

Use our Reputation Management tool to respond to your online reviews, manage your reputation, and grow your business.

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Manage Your Online Reputation Today.