This is the fourth article in our ongoing blog series dedicated to helping dance studios understand the five steps of the local customer journey. In this article, we’ll review findability, SEO, and how to ensure your dance studio’s website can get in front of as many people as possible.

The simple truth is that a local customer journey can only begin if your website is found. As such, you must do everything to enhance your findability and search engine optimization. By deploying the right tools and techniques, you can ensure more customers find your website, learn more about your business, and ultimately enroll in your dance studio. 

Enhancing Your SEO

These days, most local customer journeys begin with a customer finding a business or a website. As such, you have to maximize the findability of your website. 

The basic components of SEO are the same across multiple industries. First, you should conduct keyword research to ensure that you are using the right search terms when someone is looking for your business, and you should incorporate those keywords in the text and metadata of your business. Next, regularly create content on your social media that links back to your website. If possible, seek links from other reputable businesses and directories. Finally, you must ensure your website loads fast and is mobile-friendly; doing so will boost your SEO. 

Business Listings

Another key component of local marketing is listing your business in as many relevant profiles and directories as possible. As such, you should complete your Google profile to the maximum extent possible. You should also make sure to keep the profile updated and that you encourage customers to leave reviews. Leaving reviews is not only an excellent form of social proof, but regular and constant reviews make it more likely that search engines will pick up your business presence. 

Of course, Google isn’t the only directory you need to pay attention to. There are also other major directories, like Yelp or Trustpilot. You should claim your business listing on these websites. Additionally, there may be local directories you can use. These directories are likely concentrated in your hometown area. Given the local component of these directories, filling them out is likely worth your time. Doing so can enhance your local marketing capability and make it easier for customers to find you. 

GPS Listings

GPS listings are tied to the physical location of your dance studio. Filling out these listings will enhance your local findability. It will also ensure mapping programs can easily find your business. Individuals who try to look up directions can click on your location for more information. In addition, keeping your profile up-to-date will make it easier for others to find your business, and it has the ancillary effect of increasing your SEO. 

There are many popular GPS listings, with Google Maps being the most popular. Google Maps also integrates with Waze. Other programs include Bing Maps and Mapquest. 

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