This blog entry is the second in our series on the various tools and tactics you can use to enhance your reputation and grow your business. This article explains how to properly manage your follow-ups to ensure you succeed at local marketing. 

Developing an appropriate follow-up process can be critical to your dance studio’s marketing: A local customer journey cannot begin if your dance studio doesn’t respond to inquiries. Fortunately, with the right tools, your dance studio can minimize the manual work required by follow-ups, creating an automated process that enables you to easily enroll more customers. 

Following Up on Leads

If someone expresses an interest in your business, you should get back to them as quickly as possible, using the medium they contacted you on. However, you may face a key question: How often should you follow up? 

The challenge is that there is no set answer. Different businesses have different guidelines. Some follow up three times, spacing those follow-ups out by one week. Others say five times a month is more appropriate. As such, you should experiment and determine what frequency works best for you. 

However, if you follow up in the wrong medium, you may never connect with the customer. As such, how you follow up is almost more important than the number of times you follow up. 

How To Follow Up

Customers may begin their local journey in different ways; some prefer email or texts, while others prefer old-fashioned phone calls or face-to-face conversations. Part of appropriate follow-up is ensuring you contact a customer the way they prefer or attempt to use multiple mediums. For example, on a solicitation to a customer, you can ask them their preferred contact method. This one question can save you time and ensure you respect your customer’s time. You can try using multiple mediums if you don’t have that information.

Keep in mind that there are also certain programs — like email automation — that can automatically reply to a customer. You can customize these emails based on the forms a customer fills out on your website. This question will ensure that a customer moves properly through your sales funnel. In addition, customers can receive different content based on their areas of interest, how long it has been since they contacted you, or what programs they have already signed up for. You can also use these programs as part of a reactivation campaign. 

Your business can also pursue a missed text callback functionality. In this circumstance, you could automatically text someone if you miss their call. The text could be relatively simple (“Sorry we missed your call, but we will return it shortly! Please feel free to text here if it is easier to communicate that way!”) and enable your business to show your customers that you care and value their message. Again, this platform is good for brand awareness and ensuring your customers know you appreciate them. 

Let EZTransition Help

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