Hello and welcome to EZtransitions EZMS Training! If you’re new to EZMS or even if you’ve been around for a while, this guide is going to simplify things for you. Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

1. Accessing EZMS

Before anything else, you should have your login credentials ready. If you’re missing this vital piece of information, fret not! Reach out to your team member or contact us directly to set up an account.

Once logged in, head straight to your Launchpad.

2. Install the Mobile App: Lead Connector

This app is an absolute game-changer, streamlining all your lead connections. Whether you’re team Android or team iPhone, there’s a version for you. If you haven’t yet installed it, you’ll get an option to receive a link through a text message.


  • View and manage all your leads in one place.
  • Facilitate rapid communication through social media, texts, and emails.
  • Monitor your sales pipeline effortlessly.

3. Connect Your Platforms

  • Google My Business: By connecting this, only once per organization, you’re ensuring efficient communication with those who find you on Google. This nifty integration even lets you dispatch reviews!
  • Facebook: A great tool for businesses. Not only can you communicate directly with your audience, but also keep tabs on your Facebook ad campaigns.
  • Web Chat Widget: Perfect for gathering leads right from your website. It prompts users for their contact information and then allows continuous conversation through text.
  • Stripe: The modern solution to handling payments. From calendar bookings to landing page offers, all payments can be directly routed to Stripe.
  • Business Listings: Boost your online visibility. Connecting here helps with your SEO and makes your business more discoverable.
  • WordPress: Although optional, if you find your WordPress website lagging a bit, this connection can speed things up for you.

4. Add Team Members

If you’re ready to bring more members aboard EZMS, it’s a breeze. Simply click on the add button, input their work email, and voila! And if you ever need assistance, we’re just a call or message away.

Conclusion: Thanks for joining us in this brief introduction! There’s so much more that EZMS offers, and our upcoming videos will shed light on those functionalities. Until then, explore and enjoy the platform. Your journey to streamlined business management has officially begun! 🚀