How to Choose the Best Website Domain Name for Your Business

How to Choose the Best Website Domain Name for Your Business

Choosing a domain name for your website is the very first step in ensuring the success of your online business.

It will assist in ranking your website in Google, Yahoo, and Bing search results through SEO, and will also be your businesses identity on the web.

There are a few key aspects to keep in mind when choosing a domain name for your website. Adhere to these simple guidelines and you’ll find the perfect name that will be synonymous with your business’s online presence.

Don’t Over Complicate It, Keep It Simple

When choosing a domain name, make sure to choose one that is memorable and easy to type out. Try to avoid abbreviations and little-known slang words. Unless of course, your website targets a market where slang is the norm, such as a surfing or snowboarding website.

Use Keywords Wherever Possible

As mentioned above, your website’s domain can play an important role in ranking your site on search engines through SEO.

Using keywords that are related to your niche, in your domain name, can increase your rank in the search engine results pages whenever a person searches for those particular keywords.

For example: If your business happens to be in the carpentry niche and you are based in Dallas. It would be advantageous to focus on a domain name such as “dallascarpentry.com”. This will ensure that your potential clients will be more likely to find your website when using the words “Dallas” and “carpentry” when searching for carpenters in Dallas.

If your business isn’t well-established and well-known, potential clients will not search for the name of your business.

Do Your Research

Make sure that you do thorough research on any domain names that you plan to use. Ensure that it has no existing copyrights. And verify that there aren’t any other existing domain names that are too similar, to cause confusion in the future.

Also, make sure to check the availability of the domain name using EZtransition.com/domains

Choose the Correct Domain Name Extension

Domain name extensions are suffixes used after your actual domain name (such as .com; .net; .org etc.). The .com domain name is by far the most popular extension. However it can be difficult finding a memorable and short domain to go along with it because of its popularity.  

There are a variety of different extensions that are available to use for your domain depending on what type of website it is (such as .me for a personal site, .co for a company or organization, etc.). No matter which extension you decide to go with, it does not make much of a difference and does not have any significant impact on your SEO.

Pair it with a beautiful website design

Once you have decided on a domain name that you are completely happy with, you will be ready to move onto the next step in entering your business into the online realm, which is arguably the most important, designing your website.

Designing a website so that it is both easy on the eye and responsive, while still maintaining a user-friendly and fluid user interface can be tricky to accomplish if you are not a tech-savvy individual. Not to mention time-consuming and frustrating at times.

Choose the best website design company

You can spend several hours, days or even months working on your website design and development, but wouldn’t you rather spend that time developing your business strategy?

We highly recommend that you hire a company to handle your website design and maintenance needs.

EZtransition offers packages that take care of all of the dirty work regarding web design, hosting, SSL security, site backups and SEO for you so that you can focus more of your time on other aspects of your business, or just sit back and enjoy your well-deserved free time. Including the registration and renewal of your chosen domain name.

With competitive and affordable prices, years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients, EZtransition is the goto name for all of your website related needs.

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website In 10 Simple Steps

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website In 10 Simple Steps

Back in the early 2000s, ranking your website on the front page of Google was simple. Just a few pieces of content, some basic knowledge of SEO and a bit of keyword stuffing would almost guarantee large amounts of organic, targeted search traffic.

Over the years Google has significantly improved its algorithm which determines search rankings, which in turn, has made it progressively more difficult to grab that number 1 spot.

It has been confirmed that site/page speed and performance both play a role in how well a page ranks in the search results.

With that in mind, here are a few simple steps which can be taken to ensure that your WordPress site performance is as fluid as possible, without sacrificing any features.

1. Make sure that your plugins and themes are always up to date

Regularly update your plugins whenever updates are available. Outdated plugins may not only affect your sites overall performance but can also lead to other more serious issues if left outdated for too long.

2. Uninstall plugins that are not in use

Much like bloatware on a PC hard drive, having too many plugins installed onto the backend of your site can significantly hinder the overall performance. Cleaning up and removing any plugins that are not in use or are not necessary can make a noticeable difference.

3.  Compress images

Compressing images with tools such as shortpixel can improve your pages loading time by decreasing the size of your images without the need to sacrifice quality.

4. Install a caching plugin

Using a caching plugin, such as LiteSpeed Cache can boost your WordPress site performance by up to 10x with no extra work needed from your end once installed.

5.  Update to the latest possible PHP version

Your PHP version plays a vital role in the overall performance of your WordPress website. PHP versions have a life cycle and it is important to keep your PHP up to date, as patches, improvements and bug fixes are released for later versions more regularly. The life cycle of any PHP version is supported for around 2 years for each major release.

Broken links and 404 errors can be a pain both on your own site and while browsing someone else’s site.

Regularly scanning and fixing any broken links on your website can do wonders to improve your sites speed, performance as well as  overall user experience.

7. Clean out your database

Making good use of a plugin such a wp-optimize will assist in cleaning up and removing any unnecessary data, such as spam and unapproved comments, which can all be automated to make the whole process simple and hassle free. Removing all of this unwanted data will yield a noticeable improvement in your website’s performance.

8. Make use of Cloudflare

Cloudflare eliminates many issues revolving around latency, or, the time it takes for a page to be loaded from the server that it is hosted on, to your device. This is done by caching your websites pages at certain points around the world, thus decreasing the physical distance that the data needs to travel when accessed by someone wanting to view your site.

9. Use GtMetrix

GtMetrix analyses your websites speed and performance and returns suggestions which can be carried out to improve them. It is a useful tool and can make the entire process much simpler, straight forward and it will save you a great deal of time.

10. Choose a great hosting company and package

Lastly, but arguably the most important factor in your sites speed and performance, choosing a good and reliable hosting provider can be the difference between ranking on the first page of Google and having your page get lost among the millions of other sites out there. Of course, we recommend choosing EZtransition to handle your website hosting, as we have great customer service, competitive prices, and excellent service delivery.

Optimizing your websites speed and performance is not as simple as just flipping a switch and having everything fall into place. It is an ongoing process that needs to be monitored regularly, however, the results will be well worth the effort over time. EZtransition includes performance monitoring as a standard service is all our plans that include managed hosting.