How to Build a Social Media Strategy for Small Businesses

How to Build a Social Media Strategy for Small Businesses

Social media can be extremely powerful if you own a small business and aim to boost its success. But a few witty captions and artsy snaps won’t cut the mustard. In order to make the most out of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you need a well-crafted, bulletproof social media strategy. Does it feel a little daunting? No worries. Read on to find out how, and why, you should design and implement your very own marketing strategy following our five easy steps below.

Draw up a Plan

Any strategy needs to be based on a solid, effective plan of action. This, of course, applies to social media as well: you can’t expect to become successful overnight, that’s why you need a well-thought-out plan. Who do you want to reach? Why? What type of product or service do you want to promote? Try to answer at least some of these basic questions if you’re serious about social media marketing.

Pick Your Platform

Gone are the days when MySpace was the main social media platform. Now, you are spoilt for choice. But be picky when it comes to deciding which platform you want to use to showcase your business. Why? Because each social network offers different types of content and engagement. By choosing the one that’s best in line with your company, you’ll maximize your chances to succeed.

Engage With Your Niche

After you’ve picked a platform, you want to work out what type of people to communicate with. You need to do this in order to craft and publish compelling content that attracts the right audience and boosts your brand. Make sure you respond to comments, encourage feedback, and give your audience a way to make their voice heard. Engagement is absolutely key when it comes to a successful social media strategy.

Be Eye-Catching

This applies especially if you decide to use an image-centered social media like Instagram or Pinterest. You want to design a beautiful timeline of photos, and share content that is visually appealing. Powerful images tend to stick with people a lot longer than written captions, so go all in.

Discover More With Analytics

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have in-built analytics tools that you can use to find out a bit more about your account, your followers, and your performance. If you know where you’re performing well, you’ll be able to do more of that. Equally, if you learn what doesn’t work, you’ll have the chance to tweak and improve.

Build a Social Media Strategy for Business Success

Crafting and following your unique social media strategy should now be a cinch, with our advice above.

Are you ready to make the most of social media tools to supercharge your business?

If you are hungry for more insight into digital marketing, social media, and online businesses, then why not contact us and book a free consultation?

Why Does Your Business Need Social Media Management?

Why Does Your Business Need Social Media Management?

The digital world is becoming more important than ever. If you’re a new or old business, your presence is vital on social media.  Yet, it can be difficult to dedicate the time to manage multiple social media accounts when you have so many other tasks to complete throughout the day. That’s where social media management comes in! Did you know you can hire someone to take care of your social media content? It’s true! Be sure to keep reading for our guide on why your business needs social media management. 

Save Yourself Some Time

Have you already created social media accounts for your business and only made one or two posts on each account? Unfortunately, this isn’t going to help your social media presence. Social media marketing can be difficult, and that is why people turn to professionals for help. By hiring someone to help with your social media advertising, you can help save yourself some time and move on to the things you need to get done throughout your day.

Build Better Connections  

The best way to use social media for businesses is by talking with current and potential clients. Many clients will reach out to businesses on social media if they have a question or problem. Yet, it can be difficult to respond to everyone.  Hiring someone to respond to online reviews and help build connections with your clients can be beneficial to your brand. You’ll find that having an online presence can make your brand feel more trustworthy to customers. 

Schedule Posts

One of the biggest social media marketing tips is to create a consistent posting schedule. When you hire social media management, they can help to create and schedule social media posts, so your page is always consistent.  You’ll find that social media algorithms favor accounts that are always posting and get a lot of interaction. By scheduling posts, you will have a better chance of keeping up with the algorithm so you can rank higher. 

Create a Strategy

Social media isn’t only about posting cute or funny pictures and hoping people like it. Instead, there is a strategy behind everything a business will post.  Social media management can help you to create a strategy that will target your specific clients. You’ll find that once you’ve created a social media strategy, you’ll get more followers that will want to buy your products or services.  When posting on social media, it is about doing researching and finding what is trending. If you’re not familiar with each platform, you might not know what types of posts are popular. That’s why a social media manager can help you find the right posts to fit your strategy. 

Hiring Social Media Management

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As you can see, social media management is vital for businesses trying to create an online presence. You need someone to take the pressure off of you. Whether it is responding to comments, creating new posts, or saving time, we have what it takes.  Be sure to register today to see what we can do for you! We will help with your online reputation, brand visibility, SEO, and so much more. You can even book a free consultation with us to get started. 

It’s All About Timing: A Quick Guide on When to Schedule Social Media Posts

It’s All About Timing: A Quick Guide on When to Schedule Social Media Posts

1/3 of the human population uses social media. 

Social media is great for keeping up with your long-distance friends and sharing memories with your family. It’s also a great way to introduce yourself to the world. Are you trying to put your business out into the world too? Regularly posting on company social media accounts is a great start. You’ll find more information below on the importance of consistent social media posts. We’ll even give you a few pointers on when to post your content.

Scheduled Posting Builds Trust

Imagine if the person delivering your mail never informed you of when they plan to deliver your mail. It would be an infuriating guessing game.  That’s how followers feel when their favorite celebrities and companies don’t stick to a strict social media posting schedule. Delivering consistent content creates trust in your brand and mission. This trust results in greater investments in your products and services.  Your followers will look forward to your scheduled posts, and new followers will be intrigued. Don’t forget to provide your company website in your bio!

Consistent Posting Encourages Creativity

With the number of social media platforms available, your marketing team has endless creative freedom. Mixing up how and what you post keeps things exciting for your audience. Use daily Instagram stories to show off the benefits of your services. Create bi-weekly posts on Facebook to promote hot-selling products. Every Friday, make a YouTube video highlighting a customer testimonial. Do you see how many creative opportunities come along with consistent posting? Your followers will have a blast following along with all the new social media post ideas. 

Regular Engagement Builds Bonds With Your Customers

As you continue to regularly post to social media, you’ll notice an emerging group of loyal customers. Regularly engage with these customers by responding to reviews or answering questions. Your company will have a deeper understanding of your audience’s needs due to greater engagement. You’ll discover what they love, what they want more of, and what they could do without.  Don’t forget to thank consistent commenters for their loyalty, and personally address any negative feedback.

Wait, When Should You Post?

While there are no set magical equations for consistent social media engagement posts, there are key times to post on each platform.

  • Instagram: Post around lunchtime on the weekdays.
  • Facebook: Post at the beginning of the workday.
  • Twitter: Post earlier in the morning or in the late afternoon.
  • TikTok: Post either early in the morning or around dinner time. 
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Social Media Posts: Why You Should Create Consistent Content

Creating social media posts is exciting with all of the features each app provides. Make a silly TikTok dance video, or create a serious Facebook ad. No matter what, keep it consistent. Scheduled posts on social media build stronger bonds and trust between you and your followers. Because there are so many content creation options, your marketing team and audience will never become tired of your company’s posts. Do you need a bit of help in the social media management department? We can help with that- along with SEO and Google advertising. Schedule a consultation today to start growing your business. 

Why Social Media Marketing is Useful for Every Business

Why Social Media Marketing is Useful for Every Business

If you own a business, and you’re not using social media marketing, you’re missing out on some serious business opportunities. There are over 3.8 billion people using social networks. This means there is an endless number of potential customers waiting to purchase your services and products.

Social media marketing not only helps to increase your brand awareness, but it will also help you to increase your sales, and build relationships with your audience. Because of this, social media has become the most impactful space for social and professional networking. 

The only question is, how and why does social media marketing increase your business? Also, how can you build an effective social media marketing strategy? 

Thankfully, that is exactly why we created this article. Keep on reading to learn more about social media marketing and beyond. 

Connect Better With Your Audience

According to research, over 72% of consumers prefer to purchase from a company that reflects the same values as them. This means that you can use social media to share an insight into your world with your customers, leading to a relationship of shared values.

The more authentic you seem, the more you can “humanize” your brand, and others can relate to you, leading to more sales. 

Target Your Ideal Audience

One secret to selling your product successfully is finding the right people to sell to. It isn’t all about the quantity of your audience, but more about the quality. Since there are over 221.6 million Americans currently using Facebook, there is no shortage of people to sell your products to.

However, this doesn’t mean that all of those people are the right customers for you. This is why social media marketing on Facebook is brilliant for narrowing down on the right people. With the help of a Facebook ads professional, you can create specific ads that help you to find your exact client persona.

Draw More Traffic To Your Website

You could have the most visually appealing website on the entire internet, but if no one can see it, it is virtually useless. Social media provides the perfect opportunity for you to attract customers and draw them towards your website. Not only does this increase your SERP results, but it will improve your overall conversion rates too.

It Is More Affordable

Let’s be honest, digital marketing can get quite expensive! There are multiple ways to spend a lot of money on ads, design, and strategies. Thankfully, social media is completely free to use, all you have to do is make an account, profile, and get networking.

In a matter of hours, you can have an account on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube for absolutely free. Then, once you are ready, you can start advertising on these platforms and draw in some serious customers.

Learn More About the Benefits of Social Media Marketing

If you are ready to increase your brand awareness, draw in more customers, and skyrocket your sales, you need to create an effective social media marketing strategy.

To learn more, book a free consultation with us! 

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