Setting up a homepage for your website is like buying new pieces of furniture for your living room. When buying furniture for this area of your home, most likely you’ll just need some essentials that make up a living room. Such as a couch, a TV, a coffee table, some chairs, and a lamp.

Voila, your living room! 

But eventually,  you’ll find yourself buying that flower vase, a rug, a remote control holder, and a bowl of seashells (because uh, why not?). While these make your living room look prettier, they’re not really necessary.

The same goes when building a homepage. Since this page is the first thing that your visitors will see, you might tend to put out everything that will make your business look interesting and impressive. However, this eventually leads to clutter and overwhelm. A homepage should be just long enough to inform your web visitors informed about your business and short enough to keep them yearning for more. In order to have a killer homepage for your website, you’ll only need these five sections:

1. A clear and concise header

Your homepage header is the most important section of your website. Your header is a single sentence that explains what your business offers in the clearest and most concise form. This section is the first thing that your visitors will see and it only takes less than ten seconds to decide whether to keep scrolling or leave your site. 

To keep your visitors on the site, make sure your header is simple but catchy. Don’t make headers vague, confusing or even clever. Keep it simple and direct.

2. Proof of brand authority

Now that your visitors are aware of what your business is about, it’s time to showcase your legitimacy and authenticity. Under your header, use testimonials from your previous clients or positive feedback from your satisfied customers. You may include some facts or statistics that will demonstrate your thought leadership and industry expertise.

3. Customer benefits

Under the brand authority, include a benefits section. Visitors need to know what they’re going to gain once they’ve purchased your products/services. For example, these benefits could be: a healthier and clearer skin, never having to procrastinate again, saving time from cooking, etc.

4. Product features

This is the section where you need to really impress your customers. After displaying brand authority and customer benefits, it’s time to let them know why your product/services stand out from the competition. Talk about what you’re trying to sell, what it does, and how it works. Remember, people have a short attention span so be straightforward and make it easy to understand. Make this section short with less than 500 words. If you think there’s more to learn about your business, add a short video or a “learn more” button.

5. A Call-to-Action button

At this point, potential customers have reached the bottom of your homepage and they might be interested in buying your product/services. The question is, what’s the next action you want them to do? This is where a CTA (call-to-action) button is encouraged. Calls to action are important because it motivates people to take the necessary steps to be your next purchasing customer. People expect a CTA button on top (where the header section is) and at the very bottom of your homepage. Here are a few samples of CTA’s:

  • Sign up today!
  • Contact us
  • Try it for free
  • Learn more
  • Join us

A call to action button can be the last section of your homepage but it’s really up to you. Some websites include Pricing, Contact, About, FAQ, etc. These are mostly easy to find on a website but if you feel like it’s necessary to put it up on your homepage, then go ahead. Just be careful and avoid cluttering your homepage with a lot of information for this can overwhelm your site visitors and urge them to leave. Essentially, you’ll just need these five sections for an effective homepage.

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