Setting Date and Time

Begin by specifying your event’s date and time. If the event doesn’t have a set starting and ending time, opt for the ‘All-day Event’ feature. In the advanced settings, options to conceal the event time or its conclusion time are available; these can be accessed by selecting ‘Hide Event Time’ or ‘Hide Event End Time’, respectively.

Event Repeating

For recurrent events, the MEC platform simplifies repetition with its ‘Event Repeating’ feature. To utilize, enable the ‘Event Repeating (Recurring events)’ option found in the respective tab. Here, various repetition preferences become available:

  • Repeat Options:
    • Daily: Set your event to recur daily.
    • Every Weekday: Event recurs solely on weekdays.
    • Every Weekend: Schedule weekend-only repetitions.
    • Specific Weekdays: Determine which weekdays the event recurs on.
    • Weekly: Schedule weekly event recurrences.
    • Monthly: Set monthly event recurrences.
    • Annually: Schedule an annual event.
    • Custom Days: Handpick exact repetition dates. Note:
      • One-day events: daily, weekly, weekends, monthly, or yearly.
      • 2-7-day events: weekly, monthly, or yearly.
      • Up to 30-day events: monthly or yearly.
      • Extended events: annually.
      • For multiple occurrences on a single day: use custom day repetition.
  • Advanced Recurrence: Choose specific days, e.g., every second Monday or the last weekend of the month.

Setting Repeat Intervals

This determines the gap between repetitions. As an example, with a weekly repeat set and a ‘Repeat Interval’ of 2, events will happen bi-weekly.

End Repeat

Decide how repetitions end. Options include:

  • Never: Continuous repetition.
  • On: Set a specific end date.
  • After: Determine repetition count. E.g., selecting 10 will stop after 10 occurrences.

Additionally, opt for displaying only the upcoming event instance on archive pages and shortcodes.

Defining Location/Venue

Indicate the event venue. You can either pick from pre-existing venues or add a new one. To add, navigate to the ‘Location/Venue’ tab and select ‘Insert New Location’. Follow by inputting relevant location details.

Event Organizer Details

Assign an event organizer, either from previous entries or by adding a new one. To add, provide the organizer’s contact details, including name, phone, email, and website or URL link.