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Basic info

What is the name of your company/website?

What is the name of your domain (example.com)

What is the title of your site (e.g. Bob's autos)?

Do you have a logo?

Logo (upload your logo if you have one)

Max. size: 1.0 GB

List five current websites that you like (they don't have to be competitors)

Review websites you like and find easy to understand. Make specific notes of what you like.
For example: “I love the big bold images in the top section” or “ I love how the product descriptions flow right into the testimonials”.

Website 1

Website 2

Website 3

Website 4

Website 5

Please explain in 1 sentence exactly what you offer.

The best way to make sure your homepage is clear and simple is to start with a header that spells out exactly what you offer. This area is the first thing your visitors will see. Make sure it explains, in about two seconds, what you offer.
For example:
– The most reliable plumbers in Nashville
– We help you plan the perfect vacation.
– A new roof, on time and on budget.

Input your Statement/Slogan/Tagline

How is your offer unique?

Including some bullet points underneath what the company offers will make the offer more attractive. For example:
• Best Prices
• Quality Craftsmanship
• On-Time Delivery
This is not the time to be cute, clever, or vague. If you confuse people here, they’re gone.

Unique thing 1

Unique thing 2

Unique thing 3

What transformation will your customers experience if they go into business with you?

Think about the transformation you want to offer to your visitors.
For example, if you’re a professional organizer, you want to showcase the benefits of the organization and how they will feel better.

How do you imagine them once they have done business with you?

What do your customers get when they buy your product?

Customers need to know what they get when they buy your product. They’re asking, What’s in this for me? Will I save money or time? Will I reduce risk or frustration?

Spell out the values you offer.


What action do you want your customers to take on your website? Guide them towards your desired goal by providing the action title (e.g. book now, contact us. buy now, etc).

Provide a very short statement that will inspire your client to act.

How can your customers do business with you?

Spell out a three- or four-point to let your customers know the steps they need to take, which will help them to engage with you. (keep it simple and scannable)
For example:
"Buying furniture doesn't have to be stressful, and you don't have to settle for something that doesn't perfectly fit your space."
Step 1: Come to the Showroom: An easy 20-minute showroom visit takes the stress out of buying furniture. Come see the finish and touch the wood fain. You won't regret it.
Step 2: You customize it: We are not a box store. Every place we build is specific to each and every customer. You tell us the size, shape, and finish.
Step 3: We build it: After you have customized the perfect piece our guys go to work. Everything is solid wood and crafted by hand.
Step 4: We stand by it: "We know you worry about your furniture, but we don't want you to. That is why we guarantee your peace of life. Let us take care of it.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Where are your best clients talking about you?

We will try to embed public reviews directly on the site. If you don't have any reviews, then learn more about our reputation management service.

Google Reviews Page

Facebook Reviews Page

Yelp Reviews Page


Companies you work with

Include logos of notable businesses you work with or press outlets you’ve been featured in. This is another way of giving your business outside credibility.

Company 1 (name & website link if they have)

Company 1 logo (if they have)

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Company 2 (name & website link if they have)

Company 2 logo (if they have)

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Company 3 (name & website link if they have)

Company 3 logo (if they have)

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Company 4 (name & website link if they have)

Company 4 logo (if they have)

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Why people should do business with you?

Write a longer explanation. Orient the needs and pain points of your prospects. Let them know that you are the right company to do business with.

Products and Pricing

If you have a fixed cost menu, spell out the cost of each product followed by an explanation of what the customer can get at each price point. 3-4 product bundles are ideal for the home page. If you have an e-commerce solution, list your top three products or bundles.

Product 1, Price, & Benefits

Product 2, Price, & Benefits

Product 3, Price, & Benefits

Product 4, Price, & Benefits

What is the cost of not doing business with your company?

In this area, you might also consider a section that explains the cost of not doing business with your company. Will customers experience greater hassles? Will they lose social standing? Will they lose money? This makes the buying decision about more than the dollar amount.

What is/are the disadvantage of not doing business with your company?

About Section

Tell your visitors who you are, and your story will help you connect with them. It is a great way for them to get to know you.


Humanize your company by showing people the amazing talent that will work with them on achieving their goals.

Member 1 (name, position, short description)

Member 1 Headshot

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Member 2 (name, position, short description)

Member 2 Headshot

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Member 3 (name, position, short description)

Member 3 Headshot

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Contact Information


Phone Number:

Email Address:

Opening hours:

Social Media

Do you have Social Media Profile?

Enter Social Media link 1

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Color scheme

Do you have color scheme you prefer?

What is the color scheme of your brand?

Photo links

Do you have links to photos of your brand?

Provide Google Drive Link (if you have)


Anything else you want to tell us?