We have been engaging in a very interesting topic on the importance of online reputation management for small business owners.

So far, we have looked at reasons why small businesses need reputation management more than ever in 2022; the secrets to generating more online reviews; how to get a 5-star review for your business; and eventually how to respond to your Google reviews in less time and, in turn, grow your business here.

In this fifth article, we will be expounding a little more on the best way to amplify your best Google reviews so that they show up everywhere.

One of the new ways that small businesses are leveraging to acquire and retain new customers is by building their online portfolio through reviews. This could be on social media and business platforms like TripAdvisor and Yelp.

Recent research has shown that customers will first view a business online before engaging with the brand and its products. Over 90% of all these customers will mainly depend on reviews before making a purchase decision.

That’s why businesses ought to harness and amplify best reviews as an important tool, especially when marketing for child activity centers. 

Here’s How To Amplify Your Best Google Reviews 

1. Post and re-share customers’ posts and reviews 

Different social media platforms have a tool that enables you, as a business owner, to share posts written by others. These posts don’t necessarily need to be your original masterpiece for re-sharing. Do this on as many social media platforms as possible.

The more positive reviews and comments you share, the more you promote a good image for your online business and reputation. Many brands are now harnessing this to do marketing for small businesses. 

However, remember to do this with caution, as it could sometimes drive customers away.

2. Make use of audio-visuals 

The best way to capture the attention of social media users is through the use of images. Create images, videos, and short clips with different customer reviews and post these on your social media platforms. 

If you are marketing for child activity centers, you might tweak and make them as colorful and playful as possible to reach your target audience.  

Make use of online tools such as Canva, which are great for building social media graphics. These have great review templates that are simple to customize and share and can be used to do marketing for small businesses that are yet to hire experts in design. 

3. Monitor reviews and give timely feedback 

To understand your brand’s reputation you need to monitor reviews and feedback closely. Make use of Google Business and other platforms to monitor your reviews on a daily basis. 

Whenever a customer reviews your product, strive to respond and do so in a timely manner. Don’t be afraid to leave a thank you note to such customers. It goes a long way to show that you value them and their feedback. 

4. Have a Google review page on your website and automate the review process 

Dedicate a full and easily accessible page for reviews on your website navigation menu. 

Besides having reviews, the page should serve as an invitation to other clients who’d love to comment on your services and products. Make use of review cards easily and automate the feedback menu if possible. 

Populate this website page with review videos, screenshots, and messages in text form. This is a perfect marketing strategy and acts as a tool for online reputation management. 

5. Constantly seek reviews from clients. 

Finally, there’s no better way to amplify your best Google reviews than to keep asking for them. Remind your clients to rate you after every interaction. It might sound awkward at first, but it will become the norm with time. 

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Image credits: Photo by Jcomp on Freepik.