Software Development

Software that powers your business.

EZtransition has formed key partnerships in the commercial and open source worlds of software, to bring you the customer simple yet powerful, ready to use systems that will sky rocket the efficiency of your business.

  • Training and Education Software (e-Learning)

    Wether it be for educational, commercial or non-profit use, EZtransition has an e-Learning solution for you.

  • Human Resource Management (HRM)

    Are you still managing employee records with Excel, or worse, paper files? EZtransition's web based HRM solution will let you manage, personnel information, leave, time & attendanceā€š benefits, recruitment and more all from an intuitive web interface.

  • Collaboration Software

    Lets face it, your employees do not work in isolation. They brainstorm together, collaborative on projects and share documents. EZtransition can provide a collaboration environment to suit your needs.

  • Custom Development

    When all else fails, there is nothing like some good old fashioned custom code. EZtransition has harnessed development talent from all around the country, Wether it be Java, PHP or .net, if its a web language, chances are we speak it.