e-Learning Software

Whether it be for educational, commercial or non-profit use, EZtransition has an e-Learning solution for you.


Private schools, Charter schools and institutions of higher education can all benefit from an online learning platform. EZtransition will set you up with a turnkey solution that not only meets your needs but is easy and fun to use for teachers and students.


Does your company have technical training materials that employees need to be abreast on? What about required compliance training? Ensure that employees are meeting these requirements with a e-learning system from EZtransition. Track their progress with reports, and evaluate competencies with built in testing tools.

Pay as you go

Don't need a dedicated system? Do you only need to host one or two lessons? We have a the solution for you! Ask about our pay as you go plan. We provide you a secure login to publish your lesson, and you simply pay a low monthly fee until your lesson is over. You can even offset your costs by charging for the lesson through the system.

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eLearning - Learning Management System's (LMS) Features

Learning Delivery

  • Content management
  • Smart imports
  • Assessments
  • Scheduling
  • Glossary
  • File and media library
  • Lesson rules system
  • Scrom 1.2
  • Scrom 2004/4th Ed.
  • Certificates
  • Linked lessons

Implementation and Support

  • Turn key system
  • E-mail ticket and phone support
  • Hosted on blazing fast EZtransition servers
  • Secure Access


Communication Tools

  • Internal e-mail
  • Forums
  • Integrated chat
  • Calendar
  • Collaborative content comments
  • Surveys
  • Notification


  • Lesson shopping cart
  • Voucher Support
  • Discounts


  • Facebook integration
  • Lesson and system timelines
  • View other users walls
  • User status



  • User, Lesson, Course, System, Test, Event, Group Branch, and Participation Reports

Enterprise Extensions

  • Track job placements
  • Branch management
  • Role management
  • Competency management
  • Skills management
  • Employee evaluations
  • Transcripts
  • Search by job role


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