Building your first website is like building the front door to your business. It’s what customers will first see when they visit your company, and it’s what creates excitement about who your organization is. 

Because of this, your website design is critical to drawing in customers. It’s what keeps customers coming back time and time again to visit your website. 

If you’re getting ready to build a website and want to make sure you’re doing it right, we’re here for you. Here are a few of the best website layout ideas for creating a game-changing site. 

1. Simplify Your Site

It can be tempting to jam-pack pictures, videos, and information onto your homepage. After all, you have a lot to say!

However, creating jam-packed web pages can actually be a turn-off for customers. It can make your site seem overwhelming and difficult to navigate—even if that’s not the case!

As you think about designing a website, keep in mind the key points you want to convey to your audience. Focus your homepage on a simple but powerful text that can spread your meaning without overwhelming users. 

2. Make Navigation Easy

Have you ever visited a website that doesn’t seem to know what it wants you to do? There seem to be links flying all over the place and drop-down menus every two seconds. 

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Suppose you’re looking for website design ideas that avoid this phenomenon, good for you. Why? Because your website navigation should have a clear flow. 

You don’t want customers to get lost when they visit your site. Instead, they should be clearly and easily directed through your pages so that they end up taking the action you’re trying to achieve. 

Try simplifying your website navigation and limiting the number of pages you have to make browsing your site more straightforward. 

3. Play With Color and Design Elements

A good web designer will play with color without overdoing it. The colors on your site should excite customers and should play up features on the page that you want clients to notice. 

For example, make buttons stand out by using an accent color. This way, you can draw the eye to these CTAs and increase the likelihood that your clients will click on them. 

You can also use design elements, such as imagery and boxes, to make areas of text pop. This can help clients focus on key information and takeaways. 

The Bottom Line on Powerful Website Layout Ideas

A lot goes into designing a strong website. By paying attention to these website layout ideas, you can better captivate your audience and encourage them to fulfill actions on your website. 

If you’re ready to get started building a website that’s designed to encourage customers to work with your business, you’re in the right place. EZtransition is a leading web designer and digital marketing agency. Get in touch today, and let’s make your website work for you!