In today’s tutorial, we will walk you through creating a blog post using your WordPress site.

1. Accessing Your Posts: Navigate to your WordPress dashboard. Click on the ‘Posts’ option to view all your existing posts. This will display both published posts and drafts.

2. Starting a New Post: Click the ‘Add New’ button. A new post interface will appear.

3. Using the Post Editor: While there are many page builders like Divi, we will stick to the default WordPress editor for this demonstration. Begin by adding a title for your post.

4. Writing Your Post: Simply start typing in the provided area. A new feature that can be particularly helpful is the AI Assistant integration. You can request the AI to generate content. For instance, you could request, “Create a blog post about the importance of eating healthy every day,” and it will draft content for you. Ensure you review the AI-generated content, make necessary edits, and add your unique touch.

5. Adding a Featured Image: Every engaging blog post should have a captivating image. Click on ‘Featured Image’ on the right panel. Choose ‘Set Featured Image’. You can either upload a new image, use free photos provided, or select one from your media library.

6. Previewing and Publishing: Before publishing, you might want to preview your post to see how it will appear to readers. Click ‘Save as Draft’ and then select ‘Preview’. If you’re satisfied with the post, click ‘Publish’. This will make the post live on your website.

7. Deleting or Trashing Posts: Navigate back to ‘Posts’ in your dashboard. Find the post you wish to delete. Click ‘Trash’ to remove it.

8. Viewing Your Blog: To see all your published posts, go to your main website URL and append ‘/blog’ to the end.


Creating blog posts on WordPress is a straightforward process, made even more efficient with features like the AI Assistant. We hope this guide has been beneficial, and encourage you to keep sharing your insights and stories through your blog. Happy blogging!