How does a lead economist from a banking company become a flourishing full-time web designer? Meet EZtransition’s web designer: Sasha Kuzmenko. She has been designing beautiful websites for our clients and has been a part of our team since 2017. Read more about Sasha and her journey:

Before Sasha was designing web layouts and building websites for EZtransition, she was training people into teams as a Lead Economist for a bank in 2012 for three years. “I got a lot of experience here, I trained our staff on how to be a team player and how to work together effectively.” 

Sasha is not “a permanent person”

In 2015, she made a totally different shift in her career and decided to change her profession. She immersed herself in the web design space and began teaching herself WordPress CMS. From there, she started working as a freelance web developer on Upwork where she was creating websites for clients on WordPress. After a year as a freelancer, she taught herself graphic and web design. And eventually, she started working as a web designer for an IT company later on.

From one career to another, Sasha described herself as “not a permanent person”. She has tried a lot of interesting career choices in her life such as restaurant business, retail, banking, yoga instructor, and IT. “Something would capture my attention and I’d be totally into it. But after some time, I would lose interest and find another direction for me to try.” 

How did she do it?

However, there has got to be something about web design and development that made her stay up to this present day. While working as a web designer for this IT company, she missed the art and process of working with WordPress and building a website from scratch. 

“Web design is very close to me because I handle everything in the process of creating a website.” She goes on, “Every happy customer is my little victory. I put my clients’ needs on top of everything whenever I create my designs. Because if your design doesn’t yield benefits and no one likes it, then what’s the point?”

In 2017, Sasha started using the Divi Builder. Divi Builder is a tool that allows you to build any type of website you want by combining and arranging content elements. “With tools like Divi, I can combine my knowledge and passion for WordPress and design,” she explained.

So, what’s next?

When asked what’s next for her career, she said that she’s still very much into design. However, there are two other things she still wants to pursue. “I want to take on the role of becoming a leading designer someday.” She said, “I also have a goal, but it’s more like a dream. Only my close friends know about it but I can tell you that it’s definitely in the sphere of art.”

From working as a lead economist in a bank to designing and building beautiful websites as a graphic designer, making courageous changes in one’s career like what Sasha did is a difficult and enlightening process. People, especially artists, have gone through interesting twists and turns before finding a job that they really care about and enjoy doing. 

Here’s her advice…

As for Sasha’s advice for aspiring web designers, “I think you should choose one direction in design and master it.” she goes on, “If you’re artsy and enjoy drawing, develop the needed skills in graphic design. If you’re techier, UI (user interface) is perfect for you.”  Design has many different branches that artists can choose from. This will provide artists the opportunity to find their passion and focus on practicing and perfecting their own skills. Sasha said, “My advice is don’t try to cover all skills at once. Choose one skill and perfect it, and you’ll know the rest of the design directions eventually.”

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