Professional Grade Email

Get Professional Grade Email that Suits your Business

Eztransition provides professional grade email solutions, accessible from anywhere at affordable prices.

EZ-Mail Standard


EZ Mail Standard uses POP/IMAP protocols to provide your business with unlimited email addresses in the form

Good news! EZmail Standard comes free with the purchase of any EZtransition hosting package or any EZtransition product that inculdes a hosting package.

EZ-Mail One

$5 per mailbox

  • Setup email the way you like it
  • Access and send from one mailbox
  • Link personal and business emails.
  • Acess from phone, web or desktop.
  • Mix and match email solutions
  • Pick only the features you want.
  • Consult with us for best setup

EZ-Mail Professional

$599 per year

  • Advanced mail and colaboration
  • Powered by Google Business Apps
  • Complete setup by an EZt. specialist
  • Worry free maintenance.
  • Works with MS Exchange
  • No expensive hardware
  • Minimal to Zero downtime.