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EZtransition has partnered with Google to provide you with Professional Grade e-mail via Google Apps for Business. This is a fantastic replacement for the pricey Microsoft Exchange server but works perfectly with Outlook. The many benefits of this EZ Mail Professional powered by Google include:

  • Proven cost savings
  • True mobile push e-mail and calendar sync
  • Zero spam
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • 50X more storage than industry standard
  • Real time collaboration with Calendar and online Office suite.
  • Real time document sharing
  • Contact sharing
  • No expensive hardware

EZtransition can seemlessly transition your business to Google apps without any downtime. View the demo video below to get an idea of the things that are possible with Google Apps for business.


Value Added Services

Yes this is powered by google and you can try to set it up on your own. However we can offer our technical know how of how this whole thing works, we have experience with migrating people over to Google Apps and can do this in a way that causes the least amount of disruption to your corporate electronic communication. We use the system ourselves and we are very familiar with all its nuances. We also provide year round phone, e-mail and ticket support. Good luck getting anyone at google to return your call! In fact Google recommends using a reseller.

Additionally we can provide you with advice on how-to get your mobile devices talking to Google Apps, and/or provide full blown training sessions so you can use these technologies better.


  • Hosting is $50 per user per year. If your company has under 50 employees you may elect to use the free version
  • Setup plus one year of full support is $599.40

Compare this to the cost of labor, support, maintenance, licencing and hardware for microsoft exchange servers.

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