E-commerce - Sell Your Products and Services Online

EZtransition has everything a small business needs to start selling online. We provide three comprehensive packages that make it easy so set up shop and convert your site visitors into paying customers.

EZ-Com Lite

The EZ-Com Lite package is geared towards small business who may already have a website and only needs to sell a few products repeatedly. Our EZ-Com Lite packages use Paypal or Google Check to accept payments. If your business is does not already have a website, then an EZ-Com Lite package will fit perfectly with our EZ-Web Custom Package. EZ-Com Lite packages start from $499.

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EZ-Com Standard

For the more product oriented business we have the feature rich standard package. We'll build your store from the ground up, make it pretty and make it functional. Your job is to simply list and sell your products. EZtransition's shopping carts are based on proven technology. Focus on your business and let us do the technical work. Packages start from $1999.

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EZ-Com Custom

Tell us your vision and let us implement the shopping cart package that works for you. Need integration with your current website? How about integration with Point Of Sale Software, consumption of web services or a tiered multi-store setup? Is your store unique in its operation and in need of custom development? Contact Us and let an EZtransition e-commerce specialist get you started.

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Check out the Features

EZ-Com Lite Features

  • Quick Turnaround
  • Easy to add to existing website
  • Works will with EZ-Web Custom Package
  • Use Multiple Currencies
  • Custom Tax Rates
  • Google Checkout and Paypal

EZ-Com Standard Features

  • Over 200 features including:
  • Payment integration with multiple payment systems.
  • Advanced cataloging features
  • Customer management tools
  • Automatic Order management and invoicing
  • Integrated shipping and delivery module with package tracking
  • Statistics and Reports
  • Multiple languages and translations
  • Search engine optimized
  • Back-End remote management
  • Security Features

EZ-Com Custom Features

  • Custom solution
  • Single point of contact
  • Team of experienced developers
  • Free consultation
  • Worry free maintenance