Understanding your local customer journey is critical to building a successful dance studio. As such, we’re proud to offer the fifth article in our blog series that discusses how you can use local marketing tools to succeed in this highly competitive industry.

Awareness is a key phase of any local customer journey. Customers will get a basic idea about your dance studio’s existence in this phase. They may have some of the most basic information about who you are, your location, and what you do. This stage is critical because it means you are essentially planting the seed of your business in a customer’s mind, potentially starting them on a pathway toward doing business with you.  Fortunately, there are many ways you can boost awareness.

How Ads Boost Awareness

Boosting awareness means placing ads where your prospective customers may be. Dance studios are visual by nature, so placing ads on visual-oriented mediums makes sense. These mediums include:


You can create brief video ads showing your dance studio in action, then target those ads by different demographics and locations. These targeting tools ensure that YouTube serves your ads to the right people.


TikTok is the fastest-growing social network of all time. Its ad platform is still relatively new, but given its success in reaching younger demographics, it may be very valuable for generating brand awareness for dance studios like yours. 


Google Ads integrates with all Google platforms, including Gmail and Google Calendar. This means that any mention of related keywords will allow the right viewers to see your ads. For example, let’s say a user searches for specific content, like “dance shoes” or “dancing in my hometown.” Alternatively, a user could receive emails about dancing or have calendar entries related to dancing. In that case, the user would likely see advertising related to the content already in their email or calendar — like information about a local dance studio. 

If you are seeking to build awareness, you can use Google pay-per-click (PPC) ads. These ads can be extremely targeted and help you generate awareness with your target demographic in a place where that user spends a great deal of time, like on Google, their Gmail, or their Google calendar.

How Free Content Helps Dance Studios

Many dance studios don’t have a large advertising budget. Fortunately, social media still allows ample placement of free content. You can use all social media channels to post free content, which can take many forms, including:


Text remains a powerful way you can share information about your dance studio. Examples include inspiring quotes (from teachers, students, or famous dancers), information about your studio, or content about the history of dance. Text or links to other websites can be a great way of breaking up content and providing your social media followers with useful information. Finally, you can post information about your offline activities, like recitals, open houses, free events, etc. 


Dance studios can show striking photos, including dancers in action, classes taking place, or the facilities you have to offer.


Have an amazing routine you want to share? A customer testimonial that you want others to see? A recital that went perfectly? A “before and after” that shows your success? Video is the ideal place to show it, and virtually every social network has options to let you post videos.

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