Exciting news! After over a decade of providing high-quality web services, EZtransition is simplifying our offerings in order to focus on small and medium businesses. Digital technology has changed rapidly over the years. We’ve seen the rise of mobile, social, smart speakers, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and a plethora of new services to go along with the new hardware. The digital landscape has definitely grown more complex but we aim to keep it simple for you. Our goal and your goal has not changed. You want to get your message in front of an audience and get that audience to take an action.

Over the last ten years, we’ve listened carefully to our customers. We’ve also observed what delivers results and what doesn’t. Going forward we will with focus on two services. Website design and Content Marketing. We’ve found that in order to do more we must do less.

Website design

It all starts with a beautiful design and memorable branding. We’ll build you a beautifully branded one-page site with everything you need. There is no need to worry about hosting or domains or anything technical. Just tell us what you need and we’ll exceed your expectations. Once you fall in love with the design, we’ll publish it to the world. We’ll then provide unparalleled support and monitoring to ensure that your digital masterpiece is always up and running and looking great.

The next question we typically get is “how much will this cost”. We’ve lowered and simplified the pricing. All of our one-page websites start at $49 a month, no gimmicks. They are all powered by WordPress and Divi and hosted at data centers in the U.S.

We use our own products, and we’ve redesigned our website using the same philosophy and platform. We’ve rebranded and changed our slogan. Although we will continue to “take your business to the next level” we’ve decided to be a bit more direct. Our new slogan is “Design, Build, Market, Sell.”.  We believe this to be a clear and bold statement of how we aim to empower our clients.


We’ve learned that in our industry it is best to deliver incrementally. Test the market and go back to the drawing board to improve and expand what we already delivered. To that end, we have not fully fleshed out our Marketing package because we are working on testing it on ourselves so we can release it to you.

I can say however that our current path is truly exciting. There are lots of new advances in Marketing Technology or “Martech”. Some of these advances include automation, AI, and chatbots just to name a few. We are fully invested in being at the forefront of these new technologies while simultaneously embracing what’s current.

A first package will include now traditional strategies. Examples are inbound and content marketing, social monitoring, web presence, paid media, owned and earned content, tutorials, webinars and more. EZtransition will be employing all of these strategies for our own business in the next few months. We’ll then evaluate the results and come up with the perfect package for you. Stay tuned for more details on our marketing package.


We stand by our work and if we make a mistake we will always fix it. Ideally, we will catch our own mistakes before you do. In the coming months, we will regularly launch blog posts, knowledge base articles, video tutorials, and other free resources. We’ll also continue to make available ticket and chat support to all our clients. We want to ensure that we empower you to have access to be creative when you feel like it or just to be informed. We’ll help you make better purchase decisions or even call us out if we have strayed from our path.

Our brand update and our focus on service is a testament to our commitment to our vision and mission. We will provide quality web services and products that enable small business to improve their image and quickly add value to their operation. Thank you for sticking with us for over a decade. We look forward to spending the next decade with you. Together we’ll make EZtransition the “go-to” choice for web services and digital marketing strategies offering affordable prices and ongoing innovation.

“Your website is your best employee. Let’s put it to work!” To learn more, continue to browse the site, we’ll be adding more content soon. To get started, please email [email protected].